The Good Old Days are Here and Now!

By David Kidd, BPR

I have avoided going to many of the annual gatherings of what they call Radio and TV Survivors.


Because the main topic of conversation from what I am told is “how great it was in the old days”.

And yes my friends it was.

Fewer radio stations i.e. less competition.

DJ’s, even music jocks, were stars.

The only competition was TV.

Everybody made great money!!

If you wanted to hear the brand-new song from your favourite artist the only place you could hear it was on the radio.

But guess what ……. wake up and smell the roses…. times have changed.

Legacy thinking is the first step to failure.

Just because we did “X” 10 years ago does not mean “X” will be successful or commercially viable today.

Live mid-dawns…a great way to train young jocks.

But can stations afford it today?

You know the answer……. NO!

Nothing but live and local programming?

Possibly commercially viable but networked shows can work just as well if not better with great talent.

Radio is a commercial entity.

Radio’s competition for revenue has increased.

Technology has helped radio stations reduce costs and improve business processes.

But my friends, that is life. For those who fondly remember the past…do so…as I do.

But embrace the future and the amazing transformation of our industry.


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