Increasing Social Media Impact With AI-Driven Strategies

Machine learning algorithms, a subset of artificial intelligence, have been used for years by social media platforms to deliver content to users. The concept has been more of a ‘one-size-fits-all,’ learning from users’ past behaviours through more of a social graph lens.

But, today, as you may have noticed in your scroll – your feeds should feel a bit more unique to you.

That’s because AI has become a major contributor to social media, aimed at creating customized user experiences.

Whether it’s Facebook recommending Reels in its news feed relevant to you, Instagram’s “suggested posts” similar to accounts you follow or engage with, the content in your TikTok’s “For You Page,” or YouTube’s new “Movies For You,” AI is instrumental in helping users have a more personalized experience as well as allowing brands to reach a more accurate audience.

Therefore, newer strategies are needed now to increase your impact with social media.

Let’s visit a few.

How To Make AI Algorithms Work For You:

1. Tighten Up Content Topics

With predictive analysis, AI predicts future user behaviour/engagement based on their most current activity. That’s very important to get.

What that means for brands is the focus needs to be narrowed down to perhaps three main pillars. This gives the brand a greater opportunity to become more relevant and remain in the feeds of current followers as well as getting discovered by non-followers.

Here’s why:

Users are now only getting served the most suitable content dictated by their current behaviour.

If a brand is all over the place – it’s harder to consistently reach the audience you desire and create an impact.


2. Study Content

Once you have committed to your brand pillars, now it’s time to take the guessing game out of what works and study what generates activity. Build off your content strengths.


3. Use Different Content Forms

Give AI a reason to increase distribution by tapping into all content forms.

But create different purposes and goals for each.

With the “Stories” content form, perhaps that’s where you share a behind-the-scenes moment each day.

With short-form videos, always give it a focus – one hashtag is sufficient to categorize the content and help AI know where the content should go.

With photos – use multiple, like the carousel feature on Instagram. Posting various photos at once gives the content numerous chances for engagement.


4. Lastly, Interact

It’s funny when I began studying social media nearly 20 years ago, I realized the platforms offered an opportunity to remind people they matter and to never miss a moment to be good to people. Fast forward to 2024: AI algorithms want you to do just that.

Algorithms prioritize content that generates conversation.

It’s no longer about doing the right thing by acknowledging comments, it’s necessary as AI favors actual back and forth in the comment section.

As you see here, the human touch will always be critical in the growth and sustainability of your social media presence.

Because brands still need to physically tighten up the content topics, study the content, use different content forms, and engage with others.

But it’s also critical to learn how to harness the full potential of AI as it relates to the algorithms and getting your content (organic or paid) greater distribution for discovery.


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