Over-the-Air Is Still Listeners’ Overwhelming Choice for Radio

As FMR Associates and Eastlan Ratings prepare to release their full 2023 National Radio Listening Survey, they’re giving further insight into how traditional AM/FM radio maintains its power and reach in the marketplace. For those still wondering who listens to radio over-the-air, the answer is the majority.

According to the data, 69% of total radio listening occurs on traditional OTA radio, with the figure slightly higher at 71% in smaller markets. Large markets (1-30) report 66% of listening through AM/FM. This is likely due to commuters and more public transportation options in larger cities.

Streaming audio accounts for 13% of listening nationally, consistent across both large markets and smaller ones. Usage of phone apps for radio listening stands at 10% overall but is slightly higher in the top 30 markets at 13%. The survey also indicated that 8% of respondents were unsure or said it depends when asked about their primary method for listening to their favorite local radio stations, with 9% in larger markets and 7% in smaller markets reflecting this uncertainty.

This matches with results dropped last week, revealing that weekly AM/FM listening in 2023 among adults aged 25-64 remained steady from 2022 rates at 86%.

The survey, conducted from March to October 2023, involved 1,500 adults aged 25 to 64. Full results will be made available to Eastlan and FMR clients on December 15.


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