The Value of Being Someone’s Favourite

Nielsen has reported that in the US market listeners spend 87% of their radio listening time listening to their three favorite stations.  Mark Ramsey of Ramsey Media expanded on this point.  Here is a summary of his thoughts…

When it comes to broadcast radio, almost 60% of a consumer’s listening is devoted to one station, their favorite. Since 87% of listening is devoted to only three stations, that means every listener’s second or third favorite station splits another 29% of their listening. In fact, being second favorite earns 19% of a consumer’s listening (one-third the favorite percentage), while being third favorite earns only 10% (only 16% of the favorite percentage). Everything after that is trivial in terms of the influence to your share rather than your cume.

So in other words, it pays to be the listener’s favorite station. It pays to be in the business of growing and nurturing fans. What are you doing right now to appeal to your fans?

Remember that “favorite” is not just a behavior, it’s an emotion. A listener either feels that emotion or they don’t. And no one has ever fallen in love with a brand because of an obsessive focus on attributes over feelings. It all about emotion and earning the label “favorite.”


From: Mark Ramsey Media





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