World Radio Day: Seven Ways Radio Builds Brands

To commemorate World Radio Day, which is celebrated on Feb. 13 each year, The World Radio Alliance and EGTA, the global trade organization for radio and TV ad agencies, are highlighting seven ways that radio builds brands.

World Radio Day was proclaimed by UNESCO in 2011, and after receiving support from the North American Broadcasters Association (NABA), the BBC, and the International Association of Broadcasting (IAB), along with broadcasters’ associations and organizations from around the globe, the proposal was approved and adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 2013 with Feb. 13 proclaimed as World Radio Day.

The seven points are culled from research and data from several studies, including Sound Creative from Audacy and Veritonic, Jacobs Media’s Techsurvey 2023, EU Member State studies, Canada’s Radio on the Move study, Swiss Radio World AG, the UK’s Radiocentre, a MARU Matchbox study, and dentsu’s Attention Economy Study, among others.

The seven ways that radio builds brands, per the World Radio Alliance and EGTA, include:

  1. Radio stands out as a trusted medium that fosters companionship and connection with listeners
  2. Radio establishes deep emotional connections with its audience, leaving a lasting impact on brand perception
  3. Radio drives attention, nurturing brand memory and recall, thereby enhancing overall brand performance
  4. Radio empowers creative storytelling and ignites listeners’ imagination
  5. Sonic branding carves a distinctive identity in the auditory landscape, making the brand more memorable in the mind of the listener
  6. Radio’s unique capabilities extend beyond traditional 30-second spots, offering opportunities for creative and original brand experiences
  7. Radio seamlessly amplifies other advertising channels. A cross-media marketing strategy amplifies brand awareness and recognition.

“Radio fosters companionship, triggers emotions, and captures the listener’s attention effectively. It serves as an ideal partner for marketers aiming to connect with a huge potential audience and build their brands in a safe and trustworthy environment,” EGTA Radio Director Thierry Mars said in a release.

The full report can be viewed HERE.


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