Radio Holding Strong – Highest Number of Listeners in The Audio Environment

According to BPR’s latest study, which surveyed 4,000 people across 8 different countries, Radio has come out on top as having the highest amount of exclusive listeners in the audio environment.

Radio & Streaming share a similar level of audience overlap, while few radio listeners are using podcasts, a vast majority of podcast listeners are listening to radio.

With 65% of Radio Listeners also listening to Music Streaming in the past week, while 70% Of Music Streaming Listeners Also Listened to Radio.

Radio has both the highest proportion of its listeners being exclusive to that platform, and highest number of exclusive audio listeners in total. While streaming is growing, all evidence continues to point to Radio as the dominant player in the Audio space.



  • 31% of Radio Listeners are exclusive to that medium, 24% of the total audio environment exclusively listening to radio.


  • 21% of the Music Streaming audience are exclusive to those platforms, with 15% of the total audio environment exclusively listening to streaming.


  • Podcasts have the highest overlap and the lowest exclusive audience, just 5% of podcast listeners are listening only to that platform, representing just 2% of the total audio environment.
    • 28% Of Radio Listeners also listened to Podcasts in the past week.
    • 74% Of Podcast Listeners also listened to Radio



If you have enjoyed our summary on the All-Audio landscape, the full report is available to download here.

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