Radio Promotions That Didn’t Go According to Plan – Part 4

By David Kidd, BPR

The Secret Sound. One of the most successful radio promotions in the world. But sometimes the devil is in the detail.

A certain station in Australia was running the ever popular contest and the new sound was described by the person who created it as…. “breaking the head off a prawn”……shrimp for our American friends.

A listener called in and her guess was “breaking the tail off a prawn”. She was told she was incorrect.

Better luck next time.

When a guy rang up not long afterwards and said it was the sound of the head being broken off a prawn he won the large cash jackpot.

Now it transpires that some people refer to the “body” of the prawn (the part we eat) as the “tail” not the small crunchy thing at the very end of the prawn.

So technically the first caller was also correct as the sound of the head being removed from the tail (the body) is the same as the tail (the body) being removed from the head.

It’s the same action and therefore the same sound.

The station had to award two prizes!



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