How to Steal Another Station’s P1’s

By David Kidd, BPR

P1’s are those listeners that listen to a particular station “the most”. They usually listen to other stations but ONE station only is the one they listen to more than the others.

When they’re a P2 listener of your station and a P1 of a direct competitor you have to work very hard to convert them into a P1.

But, if they’re a P1 of a direct competitor and NOT a P2 of your station then you have an even harder battle on your hands. So in this article we’ll look at the situation where a lot of your P2’s are P1’s of a direct competitor (by direct competitor I mean both stations are competing in the same space e.g. CHR. I’m not referring to a situation where your P2 is a P1 of the Talk station).

Let’s face it…. you must be doing something they LIKE as they are already listening to your station. But your competitor is obviously doing something different or better that they REALLY REALLY LIKE.

So how do you convert those P2’s into your P1’s?

First, uncover what these P2’s LIKE and DISLIKE. The only way to do this is through perceptual research.

Second, find out how well your station and your competitor are delivering on the things they LIKE. Or are you doing a great job of delivering on the things they either DON’T LIKE or DON’T CARE ABOUT?

Third, do a SWOT analysis…. list the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • What is it about your competitor that your P2’s (it’s P1’s) LOVE? Is it the morning show, the music…or even the mood the station creates?
  • You need to understand the strengths of their favourite radio station (your competitor) and ……the WEAKNESSES that will provide OPPORTUNITIES. Low P1 Best Music scores, Too much talk (that’s not entertaining), too much clutter, a feeling that the station is good but not as good as it used to be.
  • Find out what the P1’s wished they got more of/less of from their current radio station. What could your station do better?
  • If you offer something that they perceive they are already getting from their existing P1 station, you have to do it BETTER and I mean a LOT BETTER.


Alternatively, it could be something the listener wants that they aren’t currently getting from their P1 station.

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to build a better station to steal those P1’s or put another way, convert your P2’s into P1’s.

Human nature will initially make them reluctant about moving completely away from something they already feel comfortable with. But remember, they’re already P2’s of your station……. they’re already listening…..the trouble is they’re not listening long enough.

You need to be consistent in your offering and continuously find ways to get them into your station for longer periods of time or for more appointment times.


Never forget….. it starts with the listener….. then build your product.



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