BPR has developed a range of software that works with all aspects of market research, from data capture, through to analysis and reporting. Tools that work in all applications: personal interviews, telephone, self-completion, and on-line

Our internationally proven software is written especially for media applications. BPRXplorer is available in a number of versions depending on individual client requirements. BPR Software products are used by leading media companies worldwide.

BPR Software products are used by leading radio stations in major markets worldwide, including:

  • Antenne Bayern, FFH, ffn, Star FM among others in Germany
  • Nova Australia
  • Mediaworks New Zealand
  • TAVR Ukraine
  • MC Production Italy
  • ARN United Arab Emirates
  • Communicorp Ireland
  • Kiss FM Kenya
  • Capital Uganda
  • Impulz Czech Republic


BPR CATI: Designed to interface with BPR Xplorer CATI is also adaptable to other dataprocessing platforms.

Check with BPR office@bprworld.com to make sure that you are downloading the correct version.


Software Passwords


To request a password for our software click here to visit our online form.



BPR Xplorer – PRO
Full Version/Full Facilities 11 October 2021


BPR Xplorer – PRO
Full Version/Full Facilities
14 September 2016


BPR Xplorer – LE
Limited editions, read only – 12 month password
14 September 2016

Data Entry Only

Tracking History Only

Music History Only

Music and Tracking History Only

BPR Xplorer – Cati 6.02
Full Version/Full Facilities
11 Jan 2022