If Radio Vanished Tomorrow, Would Gen Z Miss Us?

Radio connects with people of all ages, and contrary to popular belief, even to millennials and Gen Z. According to a recent study conducted in both the US & UK by Katz Radio Group, the average time an adult 18 years or older has had a favourite radio station is 18 years.

Can you guess what the timeframe is for adults 18-34, aka Gen Z and Millennials?

The Katz study comprised of 120 interviews gathered across three college campuses – Stanford University; Foothill College, a community college in Los Altos Hills, California; and Lancaster University, a research university in Lancaster, England. A set of focus groups and two surveys in the U.S. and the U.K. were administered to a representative sample of over 2,000 adults aged between 18 and 25 years old.

The study found that 68% of all listeners have a favourite radio station, reflecting a variety of formats. The connection is emotional, as 77% of listeners say their favourite station improves their mood and 60% feel their favourite radio station cares about their local community. These feelings run deep, as 82% would truly miss their station if it were gone.

As you would expect, at the older end of the age spectrum, adults 55+ have had a favourite radio station for an average of 23 years.

But let’s go back to adults 18-34, the part of the study we are going to highlight. The average time this age range has had a favourite radio station is 12 years. Considering their age, that is a solid number and not far from the average for adults 18+. Connecting with young adults is great news for radio. And it gets better!

Radio Connects with Adults 18-34!

  • 63% of them have a favourite radio station – only slightly lower than 68% for adults 18+
  • The average time with a favourite radio station is 12 years versus 18 years for all adults.
  • 85% would truly miss their station if it were gone – higher than the 82% for all adults.
  • 75% are actively engaged, online, offline, or in-person, with their favourite station. And 18-34 is the most engaged age group – compared to 67% for adults 18+
  • 52% are more likely to purchase brands they hear on their favourite station – more likely than all adults (44%).


Gen Z is actively engaging with their favourite radio stations and would miss the station if it was gone. This age group is also more likely to purchase a product advertised on their favourite station. What more could an advertiser want?


Radio connects with young adults – be proud and spread the word!


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