Music Mix & Personalities: The Main Drivers for Radio

According to BPR’s latest study on the All-Audio Listening Landscape, a study which looked at how radio has been performing alongside its’ rival listening mediums, 41% of audio listeners say a station’s music mix is their main reason to listen to radio.

4000 interviews were conducted for this study with the sample consisting of 18–54-year-old men & women, demographically weighted to each market, who had listened to some form of audio in the past week. Each market’s sample included 500 respondents.

Key international cities were chosen to provide a wider perspective and a broader listener base. Those cities surveyed being:

  • London, United Kingdom
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Paris, France
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • Moscow, Russia
  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Sydney, Australia


Despite music streaming providing more choice and control around music, the majority of listeners are still mainly coming to radio for the music, and it seems apparent that a strong music offering is key for most station’s ongoing success. Presenters, and the combination of Presenters & Music are the next highest on this list, but these results confirm that Radio remains a music driven medium, at least in the eyes of the consumers.


What Is The Main Reason You Choose To Listen To Radio


Across All Age Groups, Music Mix & Presenters Dominates the Reasons to Listen to Radio

Presenters Are Stronger Drivers to Listen in Sydney & London, While the Music Mix Over Performs in Berlin & Madrid



If you’d like to discover more of what this study returned, download the full report here.




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